Windows Live Suite Out of BETA

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wl_logo.png Microsoft’s Windows Live software package has been in beta for a while now and today Microsoft announced that Windows Live is officially out of beta status. Windows Live has many different pieces of software located centrally in one application.

Possibly the most useful piece of the Windows Live puzzle for most users will be the integrated email service that allows you to manage multiple email accounts from different services in one application. Supported email services include Gmail and Yahoo! accounts.

The Windows Live Photo Gallery allows you to import photos directly from your digital camera without needing to install software for your camera. Microsoft says the application will allow you to publish your photos to Windows Live Spaces with two mouse clicks. Other features include the ability to add tags to photos for searching, photo editing capability, and the ability to create slide shows.

Those who like to blog might find use in the Windows Live Writer application that allows the publishing of content to most major blog services like Windows Live Spaces, SharePoint, WordPress, Blogger and more. The application allows the addition of photos, video, maps and more easily. Users can also compose posts offline and upload them later when online.

Windows Live Toolbar is much like other toolbars already available from Google and Yahoo! with customizable buttons and the ability to initiate a search from any webpage. Windows Live OneCare provides safety for families while online by filtering websites other family members shouldn’t be visiting. Security settings on a personal computer can be accessed from most other web-connected machines anywhere in the world.

All the components of Windows Live are now available for free download.

Source: DailyTech

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