What Is Managed Data Backup As A Service?

Backing up computer data is an essential part of every disaster recovery plan.

Should the inevitable happen, data backup and recovery services, whether performed in-house or outsourced, give businesses the ability to restore things to the way they were before the disaster.

Difficulty For In-House Data Backups

As easy as doing regular data backups may sound, the truth is that many companies struggle to keep up with in-house backups, leaving them vulnerable in spite of their effort to at least try and stay protected.

Whether it is due to hardware insufficiencies, not knowing which data to protect, or not protecting data the right way, many small companies make grave mistakes with the data that if lost, could put them out of business.

Better Solution – Managed Data Backup Services

Managed data backup services are a much better and more reliable option in all cases, especially if those services include cloud-based backups.

Cloud-based data backup and recovery services provide high optimal and convenient protection of critical company data at any price.

This is where BUaaS now enters the picture.

What is BUaas?

An emerging specialty in the world of managed IT services, data backup as a service (BUaaS) provides data backup and recovery services to businesses in need of invisible solutions that can be planned out once and then work for them in the background.

These cloud-based managed data backup services do the same as any other managed IT service does, only focusing solely on disaster recovery and network protection.

While it may be a part of an overall managed IT services plan, BUaaS managed data recovery services are also available standalone as well for businesses looking for the protection and reliability of also having a cloud-based recovery option.

How Does BUaas Work?

BUaaS works by backing up a company’s data to a private, secure cloud server.

Depending on the network and backup settings, data can be continuously backed up as it is changing or backed up at specific intervals.

Business owners can choose which information they wish to back up, how it should be preserved, and who has access to that data in terms of locating it on the backup server and restoring it to the company server.

Preserve Your Data With a Managed Data Recovery Service

An important protection plan that every business utilizing any type of IT needs is data preservation via outsourced data backup and recovery services.

Backup as a service (BUaaS) gives businesses the best protection of all by preserving selected data automatically to the cloud so that the most current version can be restored whenever necessary.

As simple as backing up data sounds, the best investment that any company can make to protect itself from any threat, whether physical or cyber, is a subscription or contract with a reputable managed data recovery.