Firefox 3 is Headed Our Way

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ff3.pngThe final ALPHA of Firefox 3 was released to developers on the 3rd of July. After this, Mozilla’s roadmap calls for the release of beta 1 on July 31st which will be the first feature complete version of the next generation Firefox browser. The ALPHA version features the following new things:

  • Updated SQLite engine to version 3.3.17
  • Support for site-specific preferences – text size
  • A new Quit dialog box that resolves termination errors
  • Added permanent ‘Restart Firefox’ button to Add-Ons Manager
  • Miscellaneous fixes to download manager including correctly displaying large file sizes
  • Various Places fixes
  • Miscellaneous Gecko 1.9 bug fixes

You can download the ALPHA version of Firefox 3 (codenamed Gran Paradiso) here.

!Warning! Firefox 3 is currently in development, the final version has yet to be released and the ALPHA version most likely contains numerous bugs. The download is intended only for web application developers and the Mozilla testing community. Use at your own risk!

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