Far Cry 2 Promises to be Amazing

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far-cry-2_logo.png A presentation of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 2, that’s been caught on shaky cam, reveals new details about the sequel while also providing us with plenty of eyes-on action.

A lot of the footage/presentation focuses on the technology Ubisoft has developed for the sequel – which the company’s spoke at length about before – and the extreme level of interactivity of the environment. However, it’s fantastic to see it in operation.

One subtle, but particularly impressive moment, is when a ‘storm’ demo is run and it’s shown how the flora of the game world reacts with impressive realism to the wind. Grass bends, trees bend, branches break off and are blown away. Talk about immersion – wow!

Similarly, the game world reacts to projectiles and explosions. One example shown is an ammo pile which, when shot, explodes and bullets start blasting in all directions and cutting bits of foliage to pieces. Obvious tactic – destroy ammo pile when surrounded by loads of enemies. Trouble is, they can do the same to you.

Additionally, further hammering home the level of realism, the demonstration points out how ground vehicles leave crushed grass in their wake and highlights the 24-hour day/night cycle.

Expanded information is also given on Far Cry 2’s AI buddies too. It turns out that you actually pick to play one of ten characters, and remaining nine then become NPC mercenaries that you can form alliances with during the course of events.

It’s shown how buddies can save you when you’re badly wounded, with the NPC dragging you to safety in the middle of a firefight and defending you while also having to protect himself or herself from attack.

On top of that, numerous weapons are shown in action, including the RPG rocket launcher, sniper rifle and flamethrower.

You can view the shaky movies here.

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