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youtube_logo.pngSearch engine and internet giant Google has announced a new kind of video advertising format for YouTube to begin next year.YouTube just announced the availability for Windows users of a desktop uploader (install page here). Users will now be able to do bulk file uploads. The company also raised its file size limit from 100 MB to 1 GB. Length will remain at 10 minutes though, so that just means more high quality video will be available on the site.Google Video remains the option of choice for long form video uploaders but some YouTube users have long complained about the small file size requirements and resulting low quality. Vimeo, a tiny boutique competitor owned by IAC, opened to HD uploads at the end of last month.

A Mac version of the uploader is in the works, the company said. Hopefully the time limit will be changed as well – the YouTube brand is so strong there’s no reason not to encourage users to store their full length videos there. Video archiving is important work and YouTube should be up to the task.

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