Weird iPhone Apps

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Ever wanted to make out with your iPhone? iFrenchKiss requires you to pucker up and smooch your phone’s multitouch screen. In return, you somehow get a rating on your kissing technique.



Hello Cow: This odd and uncomplicated app lets you produce a variety of “moo” sounds from a virtual cow. Simply touch the cow on the screen and hear the various murmurings. This could be ideal for annoying anyone you want to.



Pimple Popper: For those who have suppressed the need to deal with acne the old fashioned way, that is to pop a zit, this app is an outlet. In some weird way, it is satisfying to pop the virtual pimple. Try it! You’ll see.


Annoy-a-Teen: It really works. It is documented that teenagers, at least those who have not already obliterated their eardrums, can hear tones of higher frequency than adults. This app works similarly to a dog whistle. It emits an irritating tone that only teens can hear. Finally…payback. Most popular with the elderly ;)


iVoodoo: This meaningless and purposeless app can yet still be so enjoyable. It allows you to pick a subject to be your voodoo doll into which you can place voodoo pins. It can offer harmless venting, or fill boring hours. Heck, you can even make whoever is boring you your voodoo victim. Just don’t let them confiscate your phone.


Belly Button – Why not select the male or female belly button of your choice, then pick a voice to go with it — as you tickle it, your iDevice will giggle in response.

With new iPad compatibility, you can now tickle a life-size belly button!

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