Vista is Actually Doing Well

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vista-gg.pngMicrosoft has this week moved to counter claims that the PC industry is largely unmoved by its latest operating system (OS), by announcing that Windows Vista has shipped 60 million units since it launched back on January 30th of this year.

Computerworld reports that during a presentation at an annual financial meeting in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft’s chief operating officer, Kevin Turner, revealed the 60-million figure, which builds on the 20 million units of Vista shipped within the first month of release, and the 40 million Microsoft claimed within 100 days.

“By our math, we eclipsed the entire installed base of Apple in the first five weeks that this product shipped,” Turner offered, thereby broadly swiping at the competition and also answering recent claims that Vista has thus far lacked convincing traction and is somewhat of a disappointment throughout the computer industry.

Highlighting that the spread of Windows (as a whole) across developing nations will see approximately 1 billion computer systems running with Microsoft’s long-standing OS before the close of 2008, Turner also noted that some 68 percent of users had opted for premium editions of Windows over the last 12 months. That figure marked a 16 percent increase against 2006’s performance.

According to Microsoft, combined sales of both XP and Vista have contributed to the American software giant surpassing $50 billion USD in annual revenue for the very first time in its history. Of that figure, the two current operating systems offered up some $15 billion USD between them, a 14 percent increase over the 2006 fiscal year.

However, although Microsoft is keen to point out its total fiscal performance and highlight ‘shipped’ unit figures (not sales), recent comments from Gianfranco Lanci, the president of Taiwan-based Acer, indicate that many business customers are still opting for XP over Vista on their orders. Lanci openly criticised Vista as being fraught with problems, citing that its “stability is certainly a problem,” and that the “whole PC industry is disappointed with Vista.”

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