Symantec Endpoint Protection

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symantec.pngFormerly known as “Hamlet”, Symantec Endpoint Protection will supposedly give birth to a new generation of antiviruses. The software bundles antivirus, antispyware, firewall, network and host intrusion prevention systems, application and device control, and rootkit detection into a single agent. The technology behind Endpoint Protection is a conglomeration of Symantec corporate purchases, such as Sygate, Veritas and Whole Security. Endpoint Protection introduces a “proactive” threat detection that detects and blocks programs without a signature. According to Symantec, Endpoint Protection will be accompanied by Network Access Control. Network Access Control allows you to securely control access to your networks, enforce endpoint security policy and integrate with all existing network infrastructures. More information about Endpoint Protection and Network Access control can be found here. You can also download a BETA version of Symantec Endpoint Protection here.

Source: SOFTSUPPLiER, The Register, Symantec

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