4000 dpi Mouse Announced

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lachesis.pngMost gamers understand the value of a good mouse when it comes to optimizing their game play. Certainly, a good mouse won’t make a bad player better, but a good mouse can help a decent player have more fun.

This week Microsoft revived the SideWinder name with a new SideWinder Mouse that had a paltry 2000 dpi. Paltry compared to the new Razer Lachesis, which is equipped with the new Razer 3G Laser engine good for a whopping 4000 dpi non-interpolated sensitivity setting. In addition to the high-sensitivity, the Lachesis also has a tracking speed of 60-100 IPS and can withstand acceleration of up to 25G during play.

Razer also uses the familiar on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment with one notable improvement, rather than using software to adjust the sensitivity levels, all adjustments on the Lachesis are done with hardware. That means you get true sensitivity settings, not settings resulting from interpolation.

Ultrapolling at 1000 Hz provides a 1ms response time and the mouse has nine independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons. The data path on the mouse is 16-bit ultra-wide and uses the always-on mode to reduce lag.

The Lachesis only comes with a black body and is available with two lighting colors, Phantom White and Banshee Blue. The Lachesis will be available in October 2007 globally for $79.99.

Source: DailyTech

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