Windows LiveWriter BETA 3

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live.pngMicrosoft has released the third public BETA of its Windows Live Writer blogging application. The program is available as a standalone download or as part of the new Windows Live unified installer which will throw so many Microsoft applications on your machine you’ll think the company owns you.

Here’s what’s new in the latest BETA release:

  • XHTML support
  • Insert videos using “insert video” dialog
  • Support for 28 additional languages
  • Better image handling
  • A slew of bug fixes

Overall, it’s a pretty handy blogging tool. But one thing that we really don’t like is that Microsoft tries to cram every Windows Live service down your throat when you install Live Writer. Even if you download the standalone installer, a window pops up during installation asking if you’d like to add Windows Live Mesenger, Mail, Toolbar, and other applications.

Anyway, try it. You won’t be disappointed.

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