New LCD Solves Viewing Angle Problem

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lcd.pngVirtually everyone has used an LCD display of some sort from a computer display, phone display or a portable gaming device to your HDTV. The problem inherent in the design of an LCD screen is viewing angles tend to be narrow for the best image quality.

Wayne Cheng and Chih-Nan Wu, a pair of Taiwanese researchers, have developed an LCD display that offers users a way to get better image quality regardless of the viewing angle.

The prototype display developed uses a small camera beside the LCD screen to track the users head and adjusts the liquid crystals inside the display for the clearest possible image.

The next stage in development of the new LCD display is to miniaturize the camera portion of the display by going to an infrared sensor that tracks the user by the position of their eyes. This would allow screens of this type to make it into smaller portable devices.

The one drawback to this technology is the system only functions for one user. This would not be viable for use on an HDTV where more than one person could be watching at once.

Source: DailyTech

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