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ig_logo.PNGiGoogle is an application that focuses on implementing Google’s technology – and search technology in general – into different mediums, one being your desktop. Just imagine searching Google, checking your Gmail account for messages, searching your computer 300% faster than Windows’s default search, receiving the latest headlines and searching for more news you can ever read, all from your desktop. It’s a dream come true, isn’t it? iGoogle has 4 main features: Google Search, Google Mail, Desktop Search and News Search, all of which can be individually configured. Here are a few of the many features iGoogle has to offer:

*Get results fast by searching Google from your desktop.
*Be informed of new messages in your Gmail account periodically.
*Find things a lot faster by searching your computer easily.
*Find insight in the latest headlines and news from Wired News.

*Preview a web page before visiting it in Google Search.
*Get notified by iGoogle`s LiveModel of the latest updates.
*Search for what you copied last with the ease of a click.

You can download iGoogle here.

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