Hidden Vista Network Tools

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vn.pngWindows Vista delivers an impressive line up of network tools that can be used to keep the operating system connectivity on a short leash. The total of 12 command-line tools can be used to manage all aspects of Vista networking. Users will be able not only to closely monitor the networking activity of the platform, but also repair network connections. Here’s the complete list:

  • getmac – this tool will enable you to display the MAC addresses for network adapters on a system. The Media Access Control (MAC) address for the network card can be accessed both on the local computer and on a network.
  • hostname – find out the name of your machine on the network
  • ipconfig – according to Microsoft’s own description, the tool is designed to display by default only the IP address, subnet mask and gateway for each adapter associated with the TCP/IP. But in addition to enumerating the TCP/IP network configuration parameters users can also refresh the DHCP and DNS settings.
  • nslookup – is meant to be used according to Domain Name System.
  • net – is a general tool with commands covering a broad range of functionality.
  • netstat – displays protocol statistics and TCP/IP network connections.
  • netsh – the command-line tool enables Vista users to both view and alter the network configuration settings of computers.
  • pathping – is a middle solution which bundles the functionality delivered by traceroute and ping.
  • nbtstat – a tool that will display protocol statistics and current TCP/IP connections using NetBIOS over TCP/IP.
  • ping – a complete description of the ping utility can be found here.
  • route – manipulates network routing tables.
  • tracert – users can implement this command-line tool to identify connectivity problems between the local computer and a network address.

When using command-line tools in Vista it is recommended to run command prompt with administrative privileges.

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