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250px-gtaiv_logo.jpgAndrew Reiner has just released some new information about Rockstar’s game-to-come, GTA IV. Here’s a list of all we’ve found out:

*Helicopters are confirmed

*GameInformer’s demo was only 15 minutes, they didn’t manage to see if seasons were implemented

*AI is likely to have been vastly improved

*It seems as though we’re able to climb objects such as telephone poles

*Liberty City seems very realistic

*Girlfriends make a return, slightly surprising judging by the amount of people who really didn’t like this feature in San Andreas

*It’s very possible that characters from previous GTA games will make an appearance

*There really are no loading screens

This all sound very interesting, no wonder fans can’t wait for the game to be released. Let’s hope Rockstar’s considering a PC version too.

Source: The GTA Place

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