Firefox 3 BETA scheduled for July

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logo_ff.pngMozilla has announced that a BETA version of Firefox 3 will be released on the 31st of July. Here is a short list of mandatory requirements for Firefox 3:

*Improved interaction with Add-ons: clearer, more coherent language; less steps to install; more visible way to configure add-ons, probably to be moved back to the general Options window, which I hope deeply; more noticeable alerts when updates are available; a permanent restart Firefox button.

*Support for remote bookmarks, bookmarks and history annotation.

*Files could be handled by web services. If I am reading this correctly, this could mean you would be able to click on an attached document and open it with something like Writely or Google Documents. And perhaps, as I asked Santa, the ability to redirect mailto: links to web email services.

*A much needed print support to prevent cut paragraphs and true WYSIWYG.

*The much requested MSI installer which will be a much welcomed improvement for IT administrators as it will ease deployment and updating of Firefox across a company.

*In the security front: support for Microsoft CardSpace and OpenID (check tomorrow’s article for more coverage on this). Smarter credentials handling.

*Airbag, the Google backed open source crash reporting tool will replace currently licensed TalkBack.

See the full list of requirements here.

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  1. 1 On October 10th, 2009, Kelvin94 said:

    In this version, the answerer tells the questioners at the start of the game whether the subject is an animal, vegetable or mineral. ,

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