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bigstring.jpgBigString Corporation has created a revolutionary new email service that allows users to control their sent email.  The Company’s BigString product is an email service for both individuals and businesses that is recallable and changeable.  With a patent pending technology, BigString allows a user to easily send, recall, erase, self-destruct and modify an email after it has been sent.  BigString users have unprecedented control over all of their email, whether they choose to send it through the website or an email client such as Outlook.

BigString’s emails look and feel like any other emails that you get, except that the sender has complete control over all of their email functions by clicking on the “Edit Sent Mail” button.  Our unique “Edit Sent Mail” feature allows you to recall, erase, add or delete attachments and self-destruct your emails after they have been sent.

Too good to be true? Try it and see for yourself!

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