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amd-phenom-triple-core.jpgAs anticipated, AMD added a triple-core processor to its roadmap Monday, creating a lineup of multi-core CPUs which spans from dual to quad-core processors. If this were baseball, AMD would have hit for the cycle, with single, dual, triple and quad-core CPUs.

The triple-core processor will carry the same Phenom brand as the quad-core desktop CPUs which are slated for release by the end of 2007. The triple-core processors are expected to be available in Q1 2008.

From the AMD press release:

“With our advanced multi-core architecture, AMD is in a unique position to enable a wider range of premium desktop solutions, providing a smarter choice for customers and end users,” said Greg White, vice president and general manager, Desktop Division, AMD.

“This innovation is a direct result of our development of the industry’s first true, native quad-core design, coupled with AMD’s manufacturing flexibility, to create multi-core processors in two, three, and four computational core configurations on a single die of silicon. As a customer-centric company, AMD is committed to working with our OEMs to deliver compelling value propositions across their multi-core product families with capabilities that address their requirements and aspirations.”

AMD Phenom processors with three cores are a response to demand for increased performance delivered by multi-core processors when running state-of-the-art applications. According to Mercury Research, quad-core processors represented less than two percent of desktop shipments in Q2 2007. AMD believes this suggests a need for a wider selection of multi-core solutions. Triple-core AMD processors may stimulate broader multi-core adoption with a product family that scales to more points-of-entry for the customer.

It seems obvious the real reason for this addition to the AMD lineup is to be able to use those quad-core processors with one problematic core: a way to keep yields up even when you’re having issues.

That said, the press release has no information on pricing, and that is what will really determine the success or failure of this CPU offering. What do you readers think? Given the choice, would you opt for dual, triple or quad-core, knowing that so far little software has been written yet to take advantage of the additional cores?

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