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activision_logo.jpgActivision isn’t pulling punches when discussing its plan for the racing genre following its buy-up of Bizarre Creations, promising a show-stopping racing game from the developer.

“It’s true there is a lot of competition out there but Bizarre Creations is not just a studio – it’s one of the very best studios in the world, and we will be able to deliver an outstanding racing game to the market,” Activision Europe boss Joerg Trouvain has told MCV.

News that Bizarre is developing a racing game for Activision accompanied the suprise announcement earlier this week that the publisher had acquired the UK studio.

The acquisition means that Bizarre will no longer develop games in the Project Gotham Racing series. It also means that Activision now has got itself an excellent developer to spearhead a thrust into the racing genre.

Singing to a similar hymn sheet to Trouvain, Activision’s exec VP of publishing Robin Kaminsky has said the coupling of the publisher and Bizarre “should enable us to take the racing genre beyond where it is today.”

Source: CVG

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